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This is the private website for The C3 Roadmap™ clients of The College Confidence Coach.
The C3 Roadmap is our unique process for students and families who won’t settle for just “going through the motions.”
The C3 Roadmap process starts students through a journey beginning with extensive self-discovery and leaves them with a calculated plan of action where success is the only possible result.


The C3 Process


The C3 Roadmap is for young adults who:
  • Want to thrive on their unique talents
  • Are motivated by the opportunities that they can grasp when they finish college
  • Are more focused further down the road on the bigger picture
  • Refuse to fall into The College Money-Pit Trap


The C3 Roadmap is a five step process, uniquely designed to propel you from questions to confidence, predicated by our Pre-Discovery process that allows our coach to get enough background information about the student to make the proper recommendations for how to proceed with their personal C3 Roadmap.
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